I believe that humans were made in the image of God. Not only our physical form was made in the image of God, but also that our relationships should be like God as well. I believe that humans are creatures through which “God plans and purposes can be made known and actualized.” This means that humans are to love God, and love others as God meant them to love each other, and we must also love ourselves as God loves us.

The purpose my nude photography is to capture this Imago Dei: to capture the image of God. By doing this I can bare my Nude Soul to glorify God above.

I share my photos because I want to share God’s love with you.

Nude Soul Cruciform – Where Body, Spirit and Soul Intertwine

This is the same reason why I return to the cruciform pose again and again. In emulating the pose of Christ on the Cross, I hope to draw closer to Jesus.